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Author Topic: FAQ - EVOLUTION [x1] ERTHEIA  (Read 1516 times)
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Premium Account

Q: What does Premium Account do?
A: Premium Account allows you to use the following functions:
1. Additional box - you'll be able to load one more game account in addition to current box limit on the server.
2. Special Proxy  - redirecting game traffic via special servers with better ping.
3. A number of additional bonuses: increased rates, offline leveling etc. Details >>>

Q: Does PA affect drop/spoil rates, Fame gain amount?
A: PA increases adena amount and items drop rate by 50%.  Details >>>
PA doesn't affect Fame gain.

Q: Is it possible to purchase PA for less than a month?
A: No. Minimal period of Premium Account - 1 month.
Cost 299 RUR/month.

Q: How does Additional Box work?
A:To load one more box you need the account with PA to be already ingame.
The account with PA must be logged in first so that the bonus affects all further loaded boxes.

Q: Will PA activated on existing servers affect the new one?
A: Yes, PA is tied to the login server.
It affects all servers within RPG-club.

Ingame Shop

Q: Will there be Chaos Essence sold in IG shop?
A: No.

Q: Will there be Stone of Destiny sold in IG shop?
A: No.

Q: Will there be RPG Cloaks like on other servers (Cloack of Flame/Greenery)?
A: No.


Q: What do I do if the donation doesn't appear on my game account?
A: If the sum doesn't appear in your account CP on website in an hour submint a ticket to support helpdesk

Q: How can I move coins from site to the game?
A: It is not needed.
You can pay for items in IG shop on Evolution [x1] server directly from your accoun balance.


Q: What is the level cap in this chronicles?
A: 99.

Q: Will there be rewards for leveling like on off servers?
A: No, it was implemented in later chronicles.
But we have our own Achievements Bonuses System Details >>

Q: Training camp period is 5 or 10 hours?
A: The training is limited to 5 hours per day per account. This limitation is recharged at 6:30 in the morning (server time).

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