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Author Topic: New meat turns up  (Read 981 times)
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« on: May 01, 2016, 12:15:56 PM »

Greetings everyone! So yesterday I was just playing another p.server, you know, nothing special. Suddently, a hero says "TRADING ITEMS TO RPG CLUB" and I was like "Woah!" since, I've got alot of memory with this server from the past and I never really saw the server around no more, maybe I just didnt search, that could've been the problem. Anyways, so I came here to check it and holy hell, 7k people online. Then it steadily dropped to 3k, no idea what happened, maybe the fact it was soemwhere around 12 o'clock here. Im back here now, its morning and the online count is increasing each moment. BASICALLY, I already considered coming up here to check the forums and all, so why not jump in game too? I've had a few questions tho:

1. Firstly, how about the population? Whats the average onlien count during the day, also what about weekends? Does the number include offline shops?
2. Are there alot of botters here? Because hell, ALOT of low/mid rate servers have way too many of those. Ever heard of the global?
3. Like on any other server, I should start with a spoiler character, right? (to make money and mats fro stuff later on ofc)
4. How offten does oly happen, and change of heroes?
5. What about class balance?
6. Is donating a huge advantage here?
7. Its an international server, right? (also, Im reffering to the x7 Victory server this whole time) So there are English clans and  people in general? Cheesy By that, I mean there arent just a few in these thousands?
8. There is the Legendary Tales quest for a Vesper weapon here, right? (its a global thing, ofc it is, dumbass) Do people do the daily quest afterwards wich gives enchants and stuff? And overall, are these bosses crowded/simple to find a party? Since on the other server that Im not going to name, I just roll up in South and people are just there, alot of people just farming them, alot of male-geared people waiting for their Vesper and alot of people jsut doing dailies there. There were always people.
8. Lastly... I may have ran out of stuff to ask... OH- how can I get a Neothcolic Crystal for S-84 masterwork weapons? If I pronounced it right.

Well I kind of know the rest of it. Thanks in advance!
Cya in-game!~
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« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2016, 05:54:08 AM »

1) "The day" depends on your timezone. The lowest it gets is 3k. Highest it gets is 10-11k. Average is 7 at most times.
2) no comment
3) No? why would you do that? Meh lots of noobs go that route, up to you.
4) Retail like ofc.
5) Pretty balanced overall
6) Yeah, totally, you can get +25 armor. Wait, no, this is not a retarded server. Donating will get you RUR, you can buy some stuff with RUR but nothing that boosts your character that much (Cloak that gives +3% of speed or something like that, but yeah, nothing gamebreaking) plus you can buy RUR in Giran from people at 800k~ so if you're poor you can just get rich and buy from giran.
7) non rus is like 10% of the people in game. This sucks but oh well
Cool If you're in a clan yeah, people party.
9) Google it
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