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Author Topic: It's impossible to play Olympiad as a Dwarf???  (Read 1472 times)
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« on: June 10, 2017, 06:13:32 PM »

I feel like fortune seekers are completely gimped. As a spoiler, I am losing more matches than I am winning while being more geared than 90% of people. Maybe I just suck at Olympiad. I am unable to beat OL, geared mages, human tanks, and some soul hounds. I must be playing like an idiot or something, because it’s just so damn hard to take points.

Vs Heavy armor: stuns + stuns + stuns
Vs leather & robe: stuns into backstab & deadly blow

Troublesome Classes:
Vs Cardi & Elders, map: open field, gear okay to good: automatic lost
Vs Cardi & Elders, map: pillars, gear, okay to good: maybe 50% or a bit higher. Hiding is the key
Vs mages, good gear: Not a chance, two shot?
Vs OL, gear okay to good: not a chance in hell
Vs Soul hound, gear: okay to good: Out of ten games, I will probably take 3 of them

My setup:
Dyes: I have +wit -int and I am testing +con -str right now. But I am thinking of adding +dex +con -str as well. -8 str Doesn’t decrease blunt skill damage, right?
Emergent: Mdef lvl 6 because we have heavy armor mastery for extra pdef? Or should I go with lvl 3 pdef & lvl 3 mdef?

My gear:
Vorpal Heavy 60x3 [Should I switch over to Noble Vesper foundation?]
Avenger OE’d[Almost SA], skull dual daggers Oe’d[SA’d], Skull bow Oe’d[working on SA],
baium, AQ, Tezza, Zaken plus Oly earring.

Deadly blow, Backstab stab, blunt mastery [speed], war frenzy at +27 [zero mana at +30?]
Hammer Crush at +29
Armor crush at +15
Spoil, heavy armor, dagger master at +17

Talisman: I am not good at this at all.
Base: pdef, speed, & patk
Other than just using more more pdef [Divine Protection + Yellow pdef, does it stack?], or restore HP/MP, what would you recommend for this?

I am trying to make refresh stick & clarity stick for oly. Do I need anything else here?

I am very well equipped, but I am not that great at PvP but I trying to improve. All advice would be appreciated. Thank you so much for reading!!!
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