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Author Topic: BFDR 100x Interlude April 28th  (Read 1636 times)
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« on: April 21, 2012, 03:19:58 PM »

We are happy to announce about our new Interlude x100 Reborn season that will go LIVE on April 28th. (exact hour will be announced later) Now you can try everything out in our test server. System can be found here.  !

As you will see, there are a lot of undecided things (rates, donate system)  that is because administration is open for all your suggestions. Visit our forum express your opinion, vote and maybe your vote will be the one which will determine everything.  Our forum:
Of course if you would like some other things included in our new server feel free and create a pool in our forum about it.
Also administration is willing to answer all your questions here:!/page2

Core respawn: 28 + 12 random
Queen Ant respawn: 20 + 8 random
Orfen respawn: 24 + 10 random
Zaken respawn: 19 + 35 random
Baium respawn:120 + 8 random
Frintezza respawn: 40+ 8 random
Antharas respawn:168 + 12 random
Valakas respawn:192 + 12 random

Sub Raid Boss respawn time: 8h + 4h random
Other Raid Bosses respawn: 12h + 6h random

Donation system: UNDECIDED (You can vote till this Saturday 23:59 GMT)

•   XP/SP/Drop:  x100
•   Adena amount: UNDECIDED
•   Spoil Chance: UNDECIDED
•   SealStones: UNDECIDED
•   Raid Boss drop: 1 full item per Raid Boss (excluding scrolls)
•   Grand Boss drop: x2
•   Grand Boss jewel drop: x1
•   Soul Crystal leveling rate: x1
•   Fishing: x3
•   Manor: x3
•   Quest drop/reward rate: UNDECIDED

•   Simple enchant rates:  Retail (Changes with every enchant)
•   Blessed enchant rates: Retail (Changes with every enchant)

•   Olympiad period: 1 month
•   Olympiad start at 17h end at 23h EST time
•   Olympiad wont be locked after start so if someone will manage to get nobless and achieve enough fights + points to become hero then there will be heroes in May

•   Auto-learn skills (up to 76 lvl)
•   No custom items / weapons
•   Offline Shops
•   Fully retail working Zariche and Akamanah
•   Working Augmentation system
•   Free first class change
•   Second class change via Quest 3kk
•   Automatic vote event, vote for our server - receive rewards
•   7 signs: 1 week competition / 1 week seal validation
•   NO NCP BUFFER! (buff time - retail)
•   GM Shop just till c grade!

Join us now and you will not be dissapointed!
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