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« Reply #60 on: December 18, 2012, 01:01:15 AM »

is it possible to reach END in lineage btw?
it depends on how you look at it.

some people, like me, play for the race. first cov, first noble, first epics, first vesper, first heroes.
for these people, a server is over when:

a) first factor wave quits [example: rpg 5x, afl quits -> server is over]
b) a factor clan dominates completely (aka "wins") [example: dex 5x, tempest gets 20 heroes first month -> server is over]

only private servers offer this kind of competition, and thats why they are so popular. the lifespan of this period is always finite and ranges from days on interlude highrates with mana pots to months on solid lowrates.
lineage 2 is the only mmorpg that offers this kind of competition.

other people play for the "fluffy shit". they will keep playing long after the server is over, and work on their toons to play olympiad or whatever content this game has to offer. these people will keep the server alive, creating another "factor" waves to contest epics and high end content. for these people, a server is over when they decide it is. its a game like any other at this point, you play it for entertainment.


neiz schooling all day

fu PoE nob

contributing allowed shit, l2e-global, lineage 2 revolution guide

nice playing. But what for u put that pvps with randoms\g3w in movie?
for the same reason i put OOC there.
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