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« on: December 02, 2016, 07:30:58 PM »

Once upon a time. It was an emperor who owned the castle legendary Aden He had an army strong that every two week, trying from all power to keep you safe wealth Clan them every siege, he equipped the strongest and most unique armor, the heaviest and brightest weapons, and went to the front of the castle nice fighting Aden. Greeted and heavy days of siege, which often died and were in a second casting of the castle, but each time, with their strength and speed, defended the castle, life and death. Many clans were jealous of the power team of their own, and did not understand how to get beaten putty that are much less, then all the clans began to unite and make a clan very high in order to capture the castle of your dreams coming Sunday, the siege began. The owners of the castle were in total 30 people, believed it to be an easy day, but suddenly, the ground began to tremble. An army of 400 warriors devastuos running toward them. The battle began after an hour and a half, owner clan lost their first fight.
The story goes that 40 years have passed since then and still stand clan leader killed near the throne that brings happiness. THE END.
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