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Author Topic: Corruption [PvP zone]  (Read 4053 times)
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Predicting fate by IP

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« on: July 17, 2014, 08:32:12 AM »


Legion intends to bribe state officials to take over the town.
Intercept couriers in the town with gold to bribe!
Courier guarded by soldiers of the Legion!
Kill the guard, seize the chest!

Global announcement unveils the location of event (town) 30 minutes before the start.
The event lasts 30 minutes during the event period PvP zone is active.
Every 2 minutes announcement tells you where the courier with a bribe will appear next.
In total there are 15 couriers to neutralize during the event period.
Three types of Legion monsters server as bodyguards: Legion Executioner, Legion Hunter, Legion Malediction.
Players are invited to find the couriers, based on the information from announcement, and kill them all.

Corruption [PvP zone], lineage interlude download, lineage 2 w

Corruption [PvP zone], lineage interlude download, lineage 2 w
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