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Author Topic: LF (dd) CP  (Read 548 times)
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« on: November 21, 2017, 09:57:25 PM »

Can fill either a dagger (pw/th), tyrant or tank (pal/da) slot in a party that focuses on power level, epics and then the rest (1 destro + additional raid dps essential, either in main setup or alts + priorities to level cc, dod and shit like that). Got loads of time to play (12h + a day). Can easily adjust to party prime time. Only interested in parties that have at least few core members who played together before. I can afford to buy all the donation stuff so catching up won't be an issue.

Currently rolling a tyrant with 6 boxes (sos,cc,wc,sws,bd,cat) while i'm looking.

Obligatory: playing since prelude beta.

Got lots of experience in various servers and parties. I speak good english and hate internal drama. I'm very familiar with the chronicle and usually can speed up the progress of the party a lot. Basically just message me here and we can figure out if our ideas align. No 'for fun' people please.
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