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Author Topic: Konoha Clan's recruitment post  (Read 409 times)
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« on: January 19, 2018, 04:49:57 PM »

Hello all to clan Konoha's recruitment:

We are looking an active OL for our cp and clan this is the time that the cp start exp/farm etc and the classes we already have.To explain so most people can understand

Closed=We have this classes

Open=We are lf for those classes

Party start exp in 21:00 Greece time + 2GMT

ES - Closed
SB - Closed
Overlord -Open
Archmage - Closed
Necr - Closed
BD - Open
SWS - Open
BP - Closed
EE - Closed

Those who are interusted please mail at NarutoGr or WordsWorth the Char level and Class of your character


1) 70++ lvl or all levels will be accepted

2) Microphone or Headset

3) Discord

4) Speaking good english

We also recruit full CP's and CP's only not solo player,if you are interusted pm me In NarutoGr or PM WordsWorth who is the sub-leader of the clan

Thank you in advanced
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