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Author Topic: LF CLAN english-speaking casual young male  (Read 681 times)
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« on: November 09, 2016, 07:20:08 AM »

Hi. I play a lot but at various hours (irregular sleep schedule).
I'm looking for a clan with obligation for all fighters to use /target %party1 /assist /assist as a default attack button and for all support to look at the bars (hotkeys, party, buffs and beer) more than the character visuals. And whose clanmates like or at least help each other.
I can be on teamspeak but can't talk much due to thin walls behind which my neighbors sometimes sleep.
I promise, that if occasionally fed with love I won't run away.

reply here or pm
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>drink vodka, pay taxes, hate the common enemies;
>give your character/clan/ally names in English, never use English in chat, get mad when people use English in your chats;
>don't say 'wait, I need a while, let me think' but get angry, bite and insult;
>modify files of a game that enforces grinding to enforce even more grinding cos after all, people can entertain themselves with competing against each other
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