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Author Topic: INTERNATIONAL CP is looking for people!  (Read 1193 times)
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« on: October 10, 2014, 07:44:06 PM »

Hello, I am leader of already existing CP with a long tradition and we are looking for a people to fill empty space in pt. We have our already based system of playing that was successful in all of our past servers! We are playing team based game - that means that we share money and items in CP and equip our members from our treasure. Players that farm to themselves do not have place in this CP! We are looking for people who would join us regularly every evening for chilling party and discussion on TS3.

- be active at evening hours.
- have TS3 + speak english
- have knowledge about lineage2
- be friendly and respectful to other colleagues of CP
- enjoy gaming with US!

We will discuss CP setup together on TS3 later!
The place where we will help each other, become friends and together enjoy late game with PVPs with a clan.
We have our forum that we use for a few years - please contact me here in the application topic Smiley

Good luck, see ya all! Smiley
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