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Author Topic: EU/NA player lf CP | 10h+ |  (Read 457 times)
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« on: November 13, 2014, 09:13:49 PM »

About me:

-EU Player (GMT +0)  capable of playing with NA CP's
-Playing since 2005, Retail EU/NA servers.
-After IL played on many priv servers
-Good+ reflex
-Pref lang: English (alt: Russian/Polish/German)
-Can manage to play 10-14h a day.
Classes I'd like to pick

-Nuker: All
-Meele: No Ty
-Range: All but only CP's which know how to farm arch pt in H5
-Tank: DA/SK
-Support: You can try to convince me to be ur SWM.

What do I require?

-Ts/vent communication
-At least 6h prime
-Team play
-No girls@ CP
-Knowledge of chronicle
-People with proper hardware/optimized gear for L2 (No lag, no bullshit)
-Preferably donate UP
-no qq/low flames

Please contact me only via PM (I'll see your msg at my mailbox)

Cheers & See yall ig.
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