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Author Topic: _~`~~~~YGGDRASIL~~~~`~_ RECRUITING PLAYERS/CPS  (Read 735 times)
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« on: December 12, 2014, 04:56:22 AM »


Ygg is an international clan ,main language english. We are currently recruiting active mature players with sense of teamwork , we do believe doing something together is having most fun we can have here. We just now decided to expand our clan, so anyone is welcome to join.

Clan is like ~10 years old, with serious clan core, difference is now we are active not very very active, as time passed,we now have families and jobs and **** so rl first then games, but so far we always had our place in any server, some turned out as top spots some not, anyway with us its fun, lets keep it that way...

   Our recruitment targets full CPs and  solo players, u can also join with half cp or just make it with players we have.

Before posting you have to view the follow conditions :

- Proper knowledge about lineage2;
- To use TS3 and to have microphone is a must at sieges/rbs;
- Understand and speak english;
- Plain and simple teamwork;

So for more info pm me in game: fatmo / blackbond or mizztrust / valkyra or leave a mail , well or just leave post below

Best regards,

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