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Author Topic: Gr33kWarrIoRs International Clan Recruiting CPs!  (Read 2858 times)
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« on: September 26, 2014, 08:26:41 PM »

Gr33kWarrIoRs International Clan Recruiting CPs!, lineage 2 n abre, l2 high five interface

Hello Community! Gr33kWarrIoRs is coming to server with a CP setup system and full forces.
All members speak english properly so it will be no problem for international CPs.

- About Us

Gr33kWaRRioRs is an International Clan, created since C3 Chronicle.
We played mostly on low rate servers (x1, x3, x4, x5, x7).
The servers we have been through are many and known servers. L2E-Global x4, L2Elixir x7, L2Cosmos x5, L2DeX x5, L2Cerberus x7, L2 extreme, RPG-Club x15,  L2 GOD Bartz official (Rune+ Gludio castle when left server) and many more.
We had great achievements, in each of them, creating a good impression, a name and a reputation.

- Gr33kWarrIoRs in action (Coming Soon)

L2 Elixir
Antharas raid:
Valakas fights inside nest:
Frintezza raid:

L2 Extreme
Castle owners:
Daily fights (BDSM, TB):


We need CPs, supports like Healers, Buffers, Domi/WC etc and everything else is welcome ofc.
Contact us via our Contact Form or message me here.
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