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Author Topic: EE/BP able to play  (Read 1102 times)
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« on: September 01, 2013, 04:46:39 PM »

Hello, I want to play L2 again, I quit for a time after playing as EE driver on Poissie's party. They lend me their EE to play with them and I was wondering if any other party needed EE or BP for their party, but I don't ahve any char's in x7. I have a EE 85 in x15 but no one plays there anymore, so if anyone needs EE or BP in x7 you could test me as driver if they have the char. I'm a trustable guy and will not scam anyone, someone have already test that I'm legal, I'm just sobored and want to play L2 again.
PM on here if you need more info or add me on skype AlexX080.
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