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Author Topic: International melee CP LF SWM+DC  (Read 907 times)
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« on: January 13, 2013, 06:24:27 PM »

First of all, some information on the CP:

Hydroz - EE lvl 79 + dc set
Punked - Bishop lvl 78 + dc set
Lambrioza - Doombringer lvl 78 (HD 150 earth) + maj set
Moah- Titan lvl 78 (HD 150 holy) + Tallum set
Guner - WR lvl 78 (AS 150 water) + half Drac set
Devil - SD lvl 79

We are playing this game for more than 7 years, we know everything about it and we are looking for players with good spirit and good teamplay.

We don't care about your equips, as long as you are active and you gain our trust  we will help you with everything we can.

CP activity: right now, we are doing raids everyday(including laba), starting HB farm and SOI.

CP main Time: 21h gmt +0 till 3am gmt +0 or untill everyone fall asleep on keyboard. Ofc during the day theres still some players playing.

Conclusion: If you are a player that only care about equips and big zergs that farm everything with numbers, forget it don't even bother posting, we like small groups and clans of skilled players that follow orders and help everyone in everything they need. Also if you cry when dying on PVP, also  GTFO if you don't like to pvp or you get mad for loosing exp, sry this party is not for you, you better join some RUS PVE only party. If you dont fit any of the previous and you love playing with skilled and really nice and helpfull players this CP is for you.

Again we don't care of your equips, of course we will ask wich one you have but still if your 78+ or almost 78 (this is just because u can't enter HB otherwise) and you fit our expectations we will join you.

Any interested player leave a reply or just pm ingame "Moah    "Hydroz    "Lambrioza  or   "Guner

Forgot to mention, we have DC 79+SWM 78 wich we are using for everything untill we find replacemente Smiley
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