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Author Topic: driver lf someone that would share a char with me/grp  (Read 656 times)
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« on: October 21, 2012, 03:11:19 PM »

im a 25 y.o. male from poland, cest (gmt+2, going back to +1 soon tho), looking to play some l2 again. as i do have a full-time, shift-based job, i cant see myself playing my own character thus id be willing to drive long-term for someone/a grp, preferably cardinal/ee/se though i guess i could play a nuker as well or other support classes

my last shot at l2 was on euoff innova, core server as an ee/aeore healer ig name mynuts, playing in hi and hb, seilos and amethyst grps, before that i played mainly on dragon networks nightmare server in v3, ftr, led bm, playing characters such as tigerstyle, targetmeimbishop with episodes on chocopops and vergilo, listing this cuz id be glad to play with someone i already know but since the chances are pretty slim im willing to meet and get to know new people )

as i mentioned i work full-time, shifts so the play time is up for discussion though id think i could play 4hrs average a day

what do i offer:

- fluent english
- usage of voice communicators (ts, vent etc.)
- proper pc setup and a good, stable internet connection
- good reflexes, decision making and teamwork skills as a result of few years of experience in semi-pro counter strike: source, competetive counter strike and hon/dota
- honesty, fairness

what do i expect:

- fairly active, english speaking grp
- usage of voice communicators (ts, vent etc.)
- honesty, fairness

what do i lack:

- gracia final experience

if anyone would be interested prvt msg me or add me on steam sebastien214

strongly prefer grps/cps
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