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Author Topic: zerk 85 lf cp (cz/sk preferably )  (Read 626 times)
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« on: April 10, 2011, 02:50:27 PM »

dynasty set 60, oly jewels +tw +s grd, s weap without sa (sad) 150, rush + mass disarm +15, disarm+30, temper+16, the rest from +9-13
gmt+1, main play time 5(6)pm - 11(12)pm (ocasionally sooner), at weekends more
ventrilo / ts no problem
i would like to, finally after 5 months of playing, enjoy some real pvps, no ninja with half boxed pt,  farm/pvp at sod for crystals (300/120 ), farm/pvp for epics, pvp for castles, on hb..

buxanto char on x5 sold ( 17th january 10:01 pm gmt +1  Smiley )
buxanto char on x15 sold (16th september 6pm gmt+1 Smiley )
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