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Author Topic: Sentinels Recruiting  (Read 754 times)
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« on: June 30, 2011, 04:20:02 PM »

Hello. Our clan can offer You:

- Clan lvl 11 with holy/fire squad and lot of clan skills
- CH in rune
- CP system
- Clan actions:
         - Castle Sieges (for now we have Dion)
         - Epics (AQ, zaken) - Our vision is to be a part of bigger PvPs (antharas, baium)
         - Tiat instance
- Any advices, game related, IRL Smiley
- Items (Items from clan actions are beeing divided by CP activitys and merits)

What we are looking for:

- Active CP-s (active means You are playing as team for a long time, know each other very good, play a lot and hardcore)

- Single applications MAINLY support at least 80+ nobl with a wish to Join any our existing CP-s.

- Advantage have COMPLETED mage and DECENT DD partys. (DECENT means that in PT can't be 2x glady 2x tyr for ex)

- People who can sacrifice themself for clan EVEN IF THEY DONT GET ANY BENEFIT FOR IT SOMETIMES.

Our clan forum -->

There you have to post your single Applications, Full CP-s, for more details PM IG "Ecthe or "Nellibel.

Sentinels Recruiting, lineage 2 na servers, l2 high five karik
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