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Author Topic: Melee CP lf dagger 84+  (Read 602 times)
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« on: April 06, 2011, 03:49:07 PM »

Preferably Ghost Hunter. At least 84 or u have to impress me much with gear and skill enchantments. Warning: Handless ppl, morons, carebears, idiots, emos, retards pls don't bother me.Play time from 20 gmt+2 till 00.00++ plus some more depends on ppl's free time. Weekends more. Preferably ppl who can get up early and can stay late at nights cuz sometimes it's necessary  Grin

More info in pm

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M0tzart               Melady                  Jul 29 2011 9:22PM
Quited 03.09.2011 SOLD 19.10.2011 Wink

like you are not flaming riselie with sirius,together in every topic about same i  know from where this ,,gay"idea came"
It's not an idea bro its a fuckin fact.
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