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Author Topic: looking for 1tank and 2dds for almost cp xD  (Read 643 times)
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« on: April 13, 2011, 05:43:48 AM »

hi guys im from argentina i play on -3gmt well we are 2 on our lil cp atm im titan and the other one is GH we are currently lvl 79 with all buffs as boxes( Dc/BD/SWS/EE)

we are looking for 1tank and 2 dds with wolf top gear and for chars we need at least s wep+a grade set with tt set, well btw we used to play like 3 or 4 hs at nights(argentina time) and a lot on weekends we are currently farming on hb cuz our box ee has premium cert on it so we are trying to get more ppl to our pt to get all the s80 gear togheter if u are interested just pm on forums

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