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« on: May 18, 2011, 06:21:20 PM »

yo, lf friend who want to exp 2h a day (10-11 and 22-23h, gmt +2) (to spend 6 vitalaty caps).
What can  i offer: wc, bd boxes, i am swm on main. I can easily mass alone in IT or MOS, but it's boring, so i need a friend :<
What i am looking for: any class will do a trick, but pole user preferred (dwarf, glad, destro, warlord) with polearm +150 atr (holy for IT, or dark for MOS.). Level ofc should be 78-79+ (i am almost 84).
Exp is quite fast, if everything goes nice and easy, on 82 it was ~30% in 2h, on 83 it goes up to 20-22% in 2h. (so 4-5 days for level 83 > 84 or 81>82)
With party it should be less, but in other hand, more mobs will be killed, so i can't tell you how much exp you'll get.
Also your defenses should be nice, because there won't be healer.

3rd thing: if there is any clan which has normal activity and 0 CW's please write your website (yes i am pve master xxx).

waiting for friends Cheesy
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