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« on: February 15, 2011, 12:52:15 AM »

Recruitment Page

Good day reader
i decided to make a new topic for our clan.
This due to the massive dissapointments of the past few months
we are re-organised into a finer piece of art.
If you are willing to be part of a small group of people
that wanna play this game for its true meaning, read on.

what we need:
- 2 CP's (That dont consist of daggers)
- unlimited Doomcryers and OL's
- 2 active BD's
- archers
- Titans
- Nukers

apply as a CP trough PM only.
Apply as a member Solo or duo with applciation on our forum
We need the members to offer their full support to the clan to make this able to work.

We expect a certain amount of dedication
Life up to it and you get trough recruitment,
do good then and you will have Possibilties to make it to the top of our list.

if you have any questions or are intrested in joining our clan all you have to do is contact me.
Trough or a simple PM trough the RPG forum
we offer you
  a fun community with exciting events.
Expierenced Leadership
stable voice communication ( Mumble)
Polite members (we expect the same from new members)
The L2 Game like its supposed to be Full with fun and Loyal members.


We expect
- Full S-grade
- No emo's.
- Clan dedication
- 3rd class 78+
- No Drama
- Activity Above 20h a week.

its not needed to explain what this game is about. and what our clan does.
we do what we can.
for that we need new members that dont deal with drama, but deal with Ingame progress for the clan.

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