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Author Topic: EU MAGE CP LFM.  (Read 1123 times)
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« on: March 31, 2011, 09:42:37 AM »

We are looking for:

U have to be 70+


Our pt consist of out:

Mystic Muse
Spectral Dancer.
(dual boxed buffers)

Our primary goal at this moment is to gear up(doing HB etc etc), in the longer run we are attending to participate in sieges and more.
We ain't no hardcore grindings, during the week we are online +- for 4 hours in the weekends more.
We are all from the Netherlands so it's GMT+1 your origin doesn't matter the only thing that's important is that u can speak proper english.
We also got a ventrilo server.

If you are interested PM me here on this board.

Playin time : during the week 18:00 untill 0:00, weekend's most of the time the whole day.

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