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Author Topic: "Happy Birthday RPG-club!" - CONTEST 2014  (Read 3275 times)
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« on: July 14, 2014, 01:01:06 PM »

Dear friends!

It's time to announce traditional annual contest dedicated to RPG-club "Russia"'s Birthday!
1 September 2014 we will be 7 years old!
Seven - it's special, fundamental number in many spheres of life, science and art: seven notes, seven colors, seven days a week, seven wonders of the world and even the seven seals of Shillien Smiley
It is with this lucky number will be somehow connected the categories of this year's competition:

1. Best poem congratulation to RPG-club
Format: Birthday greetings addressed to RPG-club "Russia" and its members, in the form of a poem.
It is very desirable that the text of the poem contains number 7 and RPG-club "Russia" name.

2. Best greeting card
Format: image size 600x800 pixels, themed RPG-club and birthday.
The image must contain:
1. RPG-club logo (you can download it here >>>)
2. Inscription "Happy Birthday RPG-club!" or "7 years together!"
3. Rainbow!
Only JPEG and PNG images are accepted.

3. Best fanfic on "Secret behind seven seals" topic
Format: story, volume 1500-3000 words (word count in MS Word statistics), describing the characters and events in the setting of the Lineage 2 universe.
Connection with the SSQ and Goddess Shillien mythology of the game is not mandatory.
Only DOC, DOCX and RTF text formats are accepted.

4. The best series of screenshots "Seven Wonders of the World"
Each player has his favorite places in the game, locations that seem to him the most beautiful, atmospheric or unusual.
We suggest that you choose 7 such locations and make beautiful screenshots, optionally accompanied by explanatory texts: what is this place and why you chose it.
Format: screenshots in JPEG format. If there is an explanatory text, it must be added to the image using a graphical editor.

5. Open format "Seven Fridays of the week"
For those whose talents do not fit into the above categories.
In this category we take any creativity dedicated to RPG-club - whatever embroidery, body art, sand sculpture, etc.
Send us, of course, a photo of your creation.
Format: Photos in JPEG format. It is important that at the creation or the photograph there is the inscription "" (ie, the inscription should be present at target or close to it and not be added to the picture in a graphical editor).

Awards lists for prize places will be announced within one month, as they are dependent on the development of the currently existing servers at the end of the contest, and the setting of future server by RPG-club, where you can also get your well-deserved awards and prizes and gifts.
As usually, awards will be valuable, and the winners will be many Smiley

Contest Rules:
1. To participate the contest you need to send your entry to the email address, indicating in the subject name of the contest, the category and your forum nickname (model: Birthday2014_category_Nick).
2. Receiving entries operating until August 24, 2014.
3. Number of entries from one participant is not limited.
4. All entries will be posted on the forum the day of announcement of the winners.
5. Works may be withdrawn from the competition due to plagiarism or inconsistency, which will be written in this thread.

Results of the competition will be unveiled on September 1, 2014.
Number of winners in unlimited!
All participants will receive encouraging prizes and gifts!
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